Can Precognition Predict On line casino & Playing Video games?


The opportunity of profiting in casinos with psychic prediction.

Most so-called “rational” individuals would say you’ll be able to’t use psychic means to revenue in casinos, as a result of there’s no proof it may be accomplished – and if it could possibly be accomplished, everybody would find out about it. And 200 years in the past, most “rational” individuals would have mentioned “radio waves” didn’t exist, or they might find out about it.

In any case, if it have been doable to make use of precognition to foretell video games like roulette, blackjack, poker, craps and many others, then it might make huge information and everybody would find out about it. Proper?

The brief story is I’m a rational and educated individual. I imagine not solely is precognition actual, but in addition it could actually and is being utilized in casinos. I imagine nearly all gamers use it with out even realizing, however lack accuracy required for sustained revenue. I additionally imagine precognitive skills will inevitably disrupt the gaming trade.

What Do You Actually Know?

One in every of my favourite quotes is:

“True information exists in realizing that you already know nothing.”

– Socrates

Firstly, there’s a lot all of us do not know about. Comparatively, everyone knows subsequent to nothing. Data of our ignorance ought to spotlight the very fact there’s a complete lot we don’t find out about.

Secondly, there’s little or no we “know” with 100% certainty. How are you aware for a reality we aren’t residing in a synthetic actuality? You don’t. On this be aware, do I imagine we’re in a synthetic actuality? I simply don’t know. It’s doable, however as but I haven’t seen convincing proof of it – however I’ll gladly think about any proof anybody supplies.

That is the right scientific perspective everybody ought to must new ideas. Particularly be open to prospects. Kind your opinions on broad and unbiased info. A perception with out schooling is simply empty and misguided opinion.

Educate Your self

You must know simply since you don’t SEE one thing, it doesn’t imply it doesn’t exist. Most individuals would agree with this, however nonetheless might not imagine precognition is actual. Why? As a result of they don’t have adequate credible info to show it. This text will higher inform you, so you’ll be able to kind an informed opinion.

Psychic phenomena is among the most poorly understood and under-developed applied sciences.

About My Expertise

I’ve all the time been concerned about science (physics) and spirituality. They’re simply totally different expressions of the identical factor.

I’ve been creating approaches and expertise to beat playing and on line casino video games for over 20 years. My most notable expertise is the roulette computer devices, which use hidden cameras to measure ball and wheel velocity to foretell successful numbers. Once more I’ve been creating strategies to beat casinos for over 20 years – nearly day by day. Though my focus is now extra on different initiatives.

Beating roulette remains to be considered one of my passions. One other ardour is psychic and all associated phenomena. This isn’t as a result of I dream of Jedi power powers. It’s as a result of I’ve come to grasp we’re way over bodily our bodies, and I need to be taught extra about who and what all of us are. So my pursuits are extra “non secular” with out a deal with financial achieve. Whether or not or not psychic skills can be utilized in casinos is fascinating for me as a result of it merges two of my passions.

I’ve additionally been an power researcher for over 20 years. This consists of however just isn’t restricted to work by Nicola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, and a wide range of others. What have these scientists obtained to do with spirituality? Truly that’s the place their work led. Primarily we’re non-physical beings in bodily our bodies. I base this on many years of credible analysis, and my very own experiences. Simply saying I’ve accomplished my homework is insufficient. I’ve been on this area of analysis since about 1995.

That is not less than a quick rationalization of my background. My level is, actually, I’m an inexpensive and educated individual. And my opinions usually are not mere hypothesis.

Why Most Individuals Don’t Imagine In Precognition

There are lots of the explanation why most individuals are likely to imagine precognition in playing isn’t doable. Some are logical and cheap. Some aren’t. An inventory of typical causes is under:

  • Most individuals don’t have any expertise in it, past one thing like incorrectly making an attempt to guess successful lottery numbers.
  • Most individuals don’t know of credible research that point out the phenomena could also be actual.
  • Most individuals are likely to imagine what others imagine, with out discovering out for themselves.
  • Statistically vital testing isn’t sensible. For check outcomes to be conclusive, there must be statistically related information. Even when every prediction took solely 10 seconds, the check topic would want to make predictions for weeks. It isn’t sensible. Moreover, topics might change into fatigued and lose accuracy in lengthy periods. That is maybe why preliminary predictions are sometimes most correct.
  • There are lots of charlatans and frauds. That is true with nearly each space, however extra so within the area of precognition.
  • There are frauds like James Randi who supply a $1m prize for anybody who can efficiently display psychic phenomena, and apparently no one has stepped ahead. However do you know the supply is open solely to celebrities, not on a regular basis individuals? And he rejected many claims due to this fine-print – together with affords from myself (demonstrating everybody’s means to have an effect on decomposition charge of boiled rice).
  • It doesn’t appear to be “bodily” doable. In the event you assume this, have some foresight. We already know time is versatile, not mounted. Gravity distorts time. And credible analysis signifies time may very well be an phantasm. It isn’t in any respect inconceivable that what we understand as future occasions might be “sensed”.

The Completely different Sorts of Psychic Phenomena

It’s necessary to grasp there are a lot of various kinds of physic phenomena. For instance:

Distant viewing: The flexibility to see a spot (in your thoughts) with out bodily being there. There’s ample proof that it’s completely actual. What’s extra is it seems doable to see places even at totally different TIMES in historical past.

Precognition: Predicting an occasion.

ESP (Additional-sensory Notion): Speaking with others with ideas and/or emotion (no phrases).

Clairaudience: listening to voices or sounds or current or previous occasions.

Telekinesis: Shifting or affecting objects with ideas.

There’s far more. And like with any means, some individuals have a pure expertise. And anybody can develop their means.

Within the case of predicting future playing recreation outcomes like roulette, precognition would more than likely apply. However this isn’t a strong rule. Pure skills are deeply private, and it’s possible you’ll discover you “hear” numbers and predictions in your thoughts. Or perhaps you simply get a sense in your intestine. So what works for one individual might not for one more.

Why Aren’t Psychics Successful The Lottery?

This level is blinding to individuals who don’t perceive the problems, as defined under:

  • It could take an exceptionally gifted particular person to precisely predict “all” numbers. Most individuals are solely able to reaching barely higher than random accuracy.
  • Typically the flexibility requires people to have a way of thinking the place they at “at one” with every little thing round them. This way of thinking is totally reverse to the need for cash. The extra you need cash, the weaker your psychic skills will probably be. And the stronger your psychic skills, the much less you’ll be concerned about cash or roulette.
  • Psychic skills are non secular, and must do with you on a really deep and private stage. If you end up “sensing” one thing, you’re “connecting” to a residing pulsing universe. You possibly can far more simply “sense” an emotion like how somebody could also be feeling. However predicting one thing “comparatively lifeless” like arbitrary numbers is far more troublesome. An analogy is you’ll be able to keep in mind what somebody’s face appears to be like like. Nevertheless it’s exhausting to recollect an extended sequence of numbers. In the event you make a narrative out of a quantity sequence, it “makes extra sense” and is far simpler to recollect. Psychic means works a lot the identical means.

Understanding “Edge” In Casinos

All of us have psychic skills to some extent. Have you ever ever walked as much as a roulette wheel and had a intestine feeling some quantity will win, and it does? It would occur 1 in 37 occasions. However when you’ve been round wheels lengthy sufficient, it’s possible you’ll discover it occurs an inordinate quantity of occasions. However on the identical time, when you TRY to foretell an end result, you’ll be able to’t obtain the identical accuracy. It’s as if the tougher you strive, the much less correct you’ll be. The very strategy of “thought” seems to dam accuracy.

Moreover, you don’t want 100% accuracy. You solely have to have solely barely higher than random accuracy. It’s because the home edge is just slight.

Maybe most moderately expert individuals might at finest “cut back” the home edge. So though they obtain a barely higher than random consequence, it simply will not be sufficient for persistently income. That is what credible analysis has discovered. However one group figured a technique to increase accuracy. That is accomplished by utilizing quite a few “psychic predictors” and basing the ultimate prediction on a “majority vote” between all “psychic predictors” . Extra about that is defined under.

The “Majority Vote” Testing

The group who pioneered the “majority vote” methodology is SRI (Stanford Analysis Worldwide). These are the identical individuals who labored with the CIA for years on distant viewing.

Primarily the “majority vote” considerably boosts prediction accuracy. They usually even examined it in predicting roulette spins (pink and black numbers). Listed below are the outcomes of accuracy with and with out the “majority vote” methodology:

The outcomes indicated the predictions of pink and black on a roulette wheel have been considerably enhanced, and by sufficient to beat the home edge.

You may additionally discover the accuracy was considerably greater at the beginning of the trial – this is quite common, and a big anomaly in itself. I imagine that is what might usually be perceived as “BEGINNER’S LUCK”.

Whereas the outcomes have been clearly constructive, the issue just isn’t sufficient spins have been examined. As defined above, one of many issues with testing is it is extremely time consuming, should all be accomplished manually, so verifying legitimacy is troublesome.

Free Software program To Apply The “Majority Vote” Methodology

I already created Android apps that apply the “majority vote” methodology. It’s free. See

My very own testing of the algorithm had nice outcomes. It was accomplished a number of years in the past the place about 200 gamers (from my boards and mailing lists) have been requested to foretell spin outcomes, and the “majority vote” methodology was utilized. I additionally had the issue statistically vital testing being impractical.

I haven’t but have time to do additional testing with the Android apps. It’s additionally troublesome to coordinate a mutually handy time for all individuals.

Additional Analysis

All the things I need to clarify is an excessive amount of for this web page. Someday I’ll in all probability write a e book about all of it. However under are some recommendations for additional analysis: Archives: – It is a complete lot of studying. If you need proof and credible stories, there’s greater than sufficient right here. However it should take you weeks to learn by way of. You received’t imagine a number of the analysis, particularly because it’s publicly obtainable. For instance, the CIA overtly states their check topics may transfer residing bugs by way of strong objects. There’s far more. And if that is the PUBLIC info, think about what has been categorized. In the event you assume I’m loopy for saying precognition is actual, check out what the CIA says on their very own web site. Why aren’t individuals paying consideration? Who is aware of.

SRI’s “Majority Vote” Experiment

That is in two paperwork I used to be despatched about 20 years in the past. It’s lots of documentation. I’ll scan it and make it obtainable at some stage. The total doc isn’t obtainable anyplace on-line so far as I do know. Though there are references to it in locations just like the CIA archives.

Primarily they conclude the outcomes have been constructive, however inconclusive as a result of testing sufficient spins wasn’t sensible. On the very least although, the increase in accuracy from the bulk vote methodology was statistically vital. Though not by sufficient to say definitively.

ARV On line casino System Experiment (College of Amsterda)

It is a college examine, which principally backs up SRI’s findings.

ARV Casino Test Results (Download PDF)

SRI Researcher’s Ted Discuss


There’s a lot extra. To any educated and rational thoughts, precognition is completely actual. I don’t simply think about it actual. I think about it self-evident reality. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless not well-understood – not less than by most individuals. On the very least, utilizing these sorts of skills for financial achieve looks as if a waste of time. I’m positive the CIA is aware of much more than they’re saying. And I don’t anticipate they’ll launch their findings anytime quickly, if in any respect. So additional improvement is as much as you, and unbiased analysis.

I imagine it’s clear anybody can develop their varied skills. However most individuals are unprepared to dedicate the effort and time that’s required. Largely our skills have atrophied, however the potential is all the time current.

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